Saturday, June 26, 2010

Running Room

Next stop, West Des Moines to visit the Running Room

We met Corey, the store manager, and he was very generous to put up with our rambling about Endurasoak for so long. Actually, he was great and we learned a lot about the Running Room. 

The store HQ is in Canada, and they certainly have a tried and true way of doing business. With 108 stores, I’d say they are doing something right. They have all the gear and clothing options you could ever need, including a large selection of cold weather gear which I imagine comes handy in this part of the country.  

They also had a lot of literature written by the store owner, a collection of training and nutrition books. They have 4 group runs a week, so it’s easy to assume they have a fairly large group of local runners. 

We definitely enjoyed our conversation with Corey, and he assured me that the owners would give Endurasoak their toughest critique. Bring it!

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