Friday, June 25, 2010

Naperville Running Company

It’s easy to see why the Naperville Running Company was rated the best running store in 2009 by Competitor. It’s huge, has a little track to test your shoes on, and virtually every product you could possibly want or need to buy. I’m in love with their recovery section, they have a great thing going (not to mention their stock of Endurasoak!!). 

They also have a lot of popular running books which I’ve only ever been able to find on Amazon. The employees were very friendly and eager to help. I happened to overhear a couple of conversations with various customers and they related with each and every person regardless of their level of ability. 

Huge props also for their nice bathrooms that customers are welcome to use. I must hydrate often, because I tend to judge a store based on bathroom and this one passes with flying colors. The store was busy when we walked in and busy when we left, I highly doubt there is ever a dull moment. We’re privileged to have Endurasoak in this store, and I hope other store owners will see this and take note!

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  1. I went to this store back in September when visiting IL for the first time and loved it! The people were kind and very experienced. Definitely one of my favorite running stores.