Friday, June 25, 2010

Road Trip! Day 1: Columbus Running Company

For whatever silly reason I decided to run the Leadville marathon on July 3rd. Seeing as how I love everything about Colorado, I wanted to really take advantage of my trip out there. What better way to see the West than on a road trip??!! I have to admit, there was an ulterior motive of sorts...I wanted to bring Endurasoak to as many stores as possible along the way. After a lot of coordination and logistics, my brother John and friend Nic came in to DC to start the journey out west.

We're doing short reviews of all the stores we visit, hopefully there are some bloggers out there who are local to the different areas we hit up.

1st up to bat, the Columbus Running Company

Our trip got off to a great start as we headed west out of DC. The first stop was Pickerington, Ohio to meet Jim Jurcevich, the owner of the Columbus Running Company (CRC), and check out one of their stores. When we finally made it in the store, I couldn’t help but immediately notice two bags of Endurasoak sitting on the counter. Sweet! 

Jim has a great thing going on at CRC. Enthusiastic employees and loyal customers make this store feel like a family. Everyone was joking back and forth all evening, yet I didn’t doubt that they could be very serious if anyone needed help. 

They have a huge shoe collection to fit any form with the knowledge to put people in the right shoe. I think I might just have to drive back up to go for a run with these guys, I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out. We may have even headed over to a Mexican restaurant nearby for some food and a couple of drinks... To top it off, Jim even gave me a pair of trail shoes to take with me to Colorado once he found out that I was planning on running the Leadville marathon in my Paramounts. What a day!

Jim prides himself on their extensive neutral shoe customer base. He assured me that he would not discriminate against me for my light stability shoes, but he's probably one of the few owners I've met who is really focused on keeping runners out of stability shoes if at all possible. 

If you're ever driving through Columbus, be sure to stop by. You'll feel very welcome in this friendly store. Not to mention, if you are looking for Endurasoak, you can find it here!


  1. Nice! Have fun on your road trip and look forward to the updates! Nice to see Endurasoak every where I go now, even online! ;)

  2. Glad you enjoyed your visit to Columbus Running Company, Amy! It's definitely one of the best running stores around and Columbus itself is a great running town. You should definitely stop back again soon. Enjoy your road trip!